by Dr. Shibli Syed on 26-03-2020

A brighter, whiter smile.


If you notice your smile is a key factor when you want to impress anyone. When you meet someone then people notice your smile. We always see celebrities have brighter, straight teeth but its not only for them we also have suck kind of teeth if we have some precaution. The invention of cosmetic dentistry made teeth whitening is really safer and affordable for every buddy.


But why a brighter smile is essential nowadays?


Can you think about this question! according to the American Academy of cosmetic dentistry, 96% of adults think that they can attract any person by using their smile & 74% of adults think if they don’t have an attractive smile then they don’t impress any person even they have lost their career opportunity also.


Types of Teeth Whitening

At Family Dental and orthodontic Centre in Pune, we offer various types of Cosmetic Dentistry. Like Teeth whitening, Dental Implant, etc.


As many cosmetic dentistries treatment teeth whitening become a really popular treatment in people’s lifestyles. Cause when we click selfies or photos, we click with a smile for that we required brighter teeth.


Teeth whitening is an easy and safe dental treatment. This process positivity affects your physical and psychological health.


Here are 4 benefits of Teeth Whitening


1. Teeth whitening boosts your self-confidence

The person who scare to meet other persons due to yellow teeth, teeth whiting increases its self-confidence. Whether you’re at the office, street, with family or friends if you have a brighter smile then peoples don’t miss it. Also, brighter teeth are have told you that you are taking acre you of health.


2. Teeth whitening enhances your appearance

We see some cases peoples who have straightest and brighter teeth’s but they can’t take care of their teeth. They have everyday food and drinks like tea, coffee, soda, and that food and drink and that directly come in contact with our teeth first so they have a bad impact on our teeth. But you have proper teeth whitening treatment you will see the difference in your teeth.  


3. Teeth whitening minimizes the look of wrinkles

If you’re self-conscious about wrinkles, teeth whitening may be a great option for you! After teeth whitening people most likely to focus on a bright smile instead of wrinkles.


4. Teeth whitening doesn’t break the bank

Peoples have a myth about teeth whitening that this treatment is required more money but is work teeth whitening I really cost-effective treatment. Once treatment is done the touch-up kit which is provided by a dentist is enough to take care of your teeth’ whitening.


At FDOC Dental clinic in Pune, we like to help our patients to get them brighter teeth.

 So contact our best cosmetic dentist and book your appointment with our specialists.



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