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by Dr. Shibli Syed on 20-03-2020

Root Canal treatment specialist, we called them Endodontist they are also A Dentists who have specialization in the Root canal and other dental treatments too.

In endodontist treatment (Root Canal Treatments) Specialists used to treat infected teeth or diseased teeth. Underneath the hard, outer layer of enamel and dentin is a soft tissue known as pulp that houses the blood vessels, nerves, and connective tissue.

When the pulp becomes infected, we have to understand that root canal treatment is necessary for our teeth. The infection of teeth is may happen due to deep decay, the bad crown of cracked teeth. If we underestimate teeth infection, maybe we have to undergoes the surgical operation or maybe we have to lose our teeth and remove it permanently.


Here are five common myths about root canal treatment.


1. Root canal treatment is painful.

This is one of the biggest myths that root canal treatment is painful but actually not it's totally painless. Root canal treatment actually gives you pain-free life as we remove the pulp from teeth and this actual source of pain. Due to advance technology and equipment’s root canal treatment is painless.


2. The root canal procedure requires several visits to the dental clinic.

Root canal treatment basically needs 1 to 3 visits at the dental clinic. If you think tooth extraction is better than root canal treatment then you are totally wrong cause if you take tooth extraction treatment then you may need to do dental implants. If placed dental implant you will want to visit more than 5 times to the dental clinic and also you lost your several money also.


3. A root canal “kills” the tooth.

Root canal treatment actually takes care of your natural teeth it's not killing your teeth. We told already that in root canal treatment, we remove the pulp inside teeth and clean your teeth.


4. The root canal procedure is not very successful.

As the information of the American Association of Endodontist, there will be a 95% success rate in root canal treatment if this procedure is done by an Endodontist.


5. Root canal treatment causes illness.

root canal procedures caused other illnesses throughout the body is also a myth like a root canal treatment is pain full. As we told you above that due to modern technology root canal treatment is totally painless. like that due to modern technology we also remove bacteria from our mouth in this treatment so actually this treatment cat causes any illness in the body.





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