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by Dr. Shibli Syed on 20-03-2020

From When Dental Implants in discovered Dentistry industry is changed diametrically. Cause no other method is changed entire missing teeth. Dental Implant is a permanent solution for missing teeth and also it is lifelong.

If you continue reading below you get the idea why dental implants gained so much popularity.


What is a Dental Implant?

What is Dental implant? This is question is rise much time is our mind. A dental implant is cylinder-shaped screw that’s is surgically placed into our jawbones by the Specialist dentist in Pune. This Screw is worked as the root of our natural tooth.

Surgery usually implants required 3 to 6 months’ time to fuse with our bones. This process is called osseointegration.


Dental Implant has 5 major advantages


#1 – Natural Look and Feel

When a Dental implant is done it looks like natural teeth. It provides both aesthetic and functional benefits. Thus, patients get natural teeth to feel and he feels proud of his smile.


#2 – Longevity

Dental Implant is long-lasting treatment that work properly near about 30 years. But you have to take care of it like you have to brush it twice in a day, as well as have to visit Best Dentist in Pune every six months for preventive care.


#3 – High Success Rate

People's thing why we trust in dental treatment cause knows one wants to go medial procedure if it is not working properly. But We want to tell you, peoples, that Dental Implant has a 95% success rate if it is done by a specialist dentists with proper planning & advanced dental technology.


#4 – Lifestyle Restoration

If we have missing teeth then we have lost the ability to eat properly the food we loved. The dental implant restores your chewing ability 95% of natural teeth ability whereas denture is only restored 25% of your chewing ability. So Dental implant is changed your lifestyle to restoring your chewing ability so you have to eat the food you loved.


#5 – Jawbone Support

If you lost your prolonged teeth, that will directly affect the jawbone. That’s causes to relies tension on other teeth’s and they are trying to produce new bones cells. And that vacated space can lead to bone degeneration. That will cause to change your facial structure

So good news is replaced messing teeth place by Dental implant, So visit your nearest dental clinic in Pune and meet the best dentist for implant in Pune.





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