by Dr. Shibli Syed on 02-04-2020

Before we start discussing how important is to replace teeth, we notice one thing first that what is dental implants exactly?

A dental implant is a small but strong screw that is used to replace your missing teeth. A dental implant looks like a natural tooth. A screw is drilled into the jawbone so that we can connect artificial teeth into it.

A dental implant is one of the best discoveries in dentistry. We use it to replace missing teeth or broken teeth also we use it to give support to the loose teeth.

Why did we require to replace missing to broken teeth?

If you have all teeth properly and only one single tooth is missing it will give you lots of emotional stress. Cause somehow, we want to present our self really well in Infront of others, and due to missing teeth, we feel low confidence in mind.

You also lost your perfect smile due to missing teeth. So due to missing teeth, you lot of self-confidence and your beautiful smile and that will affect your personal life as well as work life. So dental implants is boosting your self-confidence. If you have done dental implants no one knows that’s its fake teeth or natural teeth, so it actually shows your confidence to others.

Dental Health

If you notice that if you lost your natural teeth the overall structure of our mouth feels like change, it creates a gap between teeth and nearby teeth of missing teeth starting tilt.

That will be starting other oral problems, especially it will impact on chewing abilities. We saw many cases that peoples lost many teeth due to this problem.

The Comfort

Peoples who have all teeth they will not know ow does it feel when some food comes I between that missing teeth root and how much pain than feel to one who has missing teeth. Afterword then doesn’t even try to have that testy food because of this problem.

Cause if they try to eat that problem are comes again and again. They lost their ability to chew food so they try to make the distance from the food they love and potentially they stop enjoying a very lovable part of their life.

So Dental implant is the best solution for this problem that will dramatically change your life.

So, someone who has missing teeth has a really important procedure that is “dental implant”.

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