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by Dr. Shibli Syed on 04-03-2020

Whenever we tell to our Patients that they Need A Dental Crown, Dental implant, or Root canal treatment.

They don’t believe instantly! Because we are taking clinical education to get the knowledge so we get the idea of Patients Physiology but do we really understand their Psychology?

What do patients really want? Many times, a patient told us about the small chip (Coating — or the tough, outer covering of your teeth — is one of the strongest substances in your body. But it does have its limits. A forceful blow or excessive wear and tear can cause teeth to chip. The result is a Broken Teeth surface that can be sharp, tender, and disfiguring.) on front teeth, this problem really wants to do some action. Lots of times we treated patients for that small problem on their front teeth, but actually, they have much more than like decayed or cracked in posterior teeth and they leave it as it is. They only treat front teeth because when they smile their front teeth are only displayed so the really want to treat only front teeth.

On the rear side, if you want to take care of your patients, they have to build trust with Patients. I Learned with my Experience, if we push too hard to tell our patients about treatment, they can feel like the Dentist and his team gives overburden to the treatment. So, for this experience, I come to one conclusion that it’s not about what they need, it's all about what they can handle.

A few days ago we treated one of our adult patients for Orthodontic treatment, we will call him Jay. Jay had a serious problem with is decay, he has to be treated his 14 teeth, in fact, he needs serious restoration treatment. But Jay actually hates his front two because they are really small and short. There is no decay in that front teeth’s at all, but he wants really beautiful smile that’s why Jay needs to fix his all teeth problem right away, we told him that he had many areas to give some serious attention, and also told him that we take care of your front teeth now and discuss options of treatment for him for other teeth’s when we meet again in few weeks. And we also promise him that we take care of your teeth as well as his Smile.

So, as the way, we earned his trust to take care of her needs and wants.

To earn patients, trust and match his needs it’s the formula to accept any case. If they want whiter teeth to give then the cosmetic treatment that will make their teeth whiter. If they want to restore their missing tooth’s give them the option of Dental implants or Root canal treatment.

Never underestimates the emotional sides of needs. This is a powerful psychological formula, by using this you can grab more cases.

Dr. Shibli Syed is the Best Dentist and Orthodontics in Pune. Awarded as MOST TRUSTED ORTHODONTICS OF THE YEAR IN 2017

Also, his FDOC Dental clinic is awarded as FDOC as THE BEST DENTAL CLINIC in the year 2018.







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