Best Cosmetic Dentist for Smile Designing in Pune

Cosmetic Dentistry in Pune & Smile Designing in Pune

Now, cosmetic dentistry in Pune so much popular than ever, from shaping and whitening to replacing teeth and closing spaces by implanting other teeth.

The Dental Specialist in Pune, are specialized in improving the good teeth of our patients, which can give improve in your self-confidence and the feeling of well-being.

The great achievement is that not only our patient feels good and built their self-confidence more the people around them also feels good.
If you are deciding for any cosmetic procedure it's important what is going to happen in that procedure.

During our initial consultation at our Dental Specialty Dentists in Pune, we always make sure that our patient is always clear with the cost of the implant
We also guide our patients with the procedure that if any special maintenance will be needed afterward.

smile designing in pune

What is Cosmetic Dentistry?

Designing spectacular shinning and dazzling smiles within the reals of cosmetic dentistry can change our lives and build self-confidence in our personality. The smile shows the appearance and speaks a thousand words in just a glance….the world sees your personality, openness, intelligence, friendliness, and it also speaks even around your social status! Cosmetic dentistry is of having a better and natural look feel teeth. Your Teeth should look with a Really gorgeous smile and teeth with a bitter bite.

Smile Makeover has procedures like reshaping, veneers, and contouring, crowns and bridges in Pune, bonding and teeth whitening The dazzling smile is a combination of the lips, an also gleaming with the white teeth which shows the shape of the lower lip.

Why choose Dr. Shibli for Smile Makeover in Pune?

The Cosmetic Dentistry services also promise you that unparalleled experience in our dental care. Our belief is that dentistry goes beyond so we can help you more in getting your smile gorgeous.
If Cosmetic Dentistry in Pune is carefully trained and selected at its esteemed panel of our Best dentist. The beauty of our creation ambiance like spa voice on phone like friendly one thing is sure that we can assure you with the dazzling smile on your face make you feel proud. The experience cannot be said or written you have to feel that Smile Designing is done within a minimum amount and without causing you any harm.
And provide you with the shinning and brightening teeth with the transformation of the new teeth without harming your original teeth.

Every single step of treatment is for remembering your health and giving you our best services.

First-class Dentist service is here where you can feel a relaxed and considerate approach that ensures a great transition in our teeth without causing any pain and harm to your original teeth with a healthy smile.

Our Cosmetic Dentist services in Pune include

1. Tooth whitening

2. Replacement of metal fillings (with white fillings)

3. Porcelain Laminate veneers/crowns

4. Orthodontics (straightening teeth by referral)

and more…

Contact us and feel free to talk with us with any queries


One point that is very important for patient’s to understand prior to having cosmetic procedures for quickly creating a beautiful smile is that they are irreversible procedures. It means that a quick smile makeover often involves removing healthy tooth structure from natural teeth to “straighten the teeth”. This is fine as long as the patient understands what is being done and if the patient wishes to undergo a quick smile makeover.

There is also the option to straighten the teeth Orthodontically for a similar result. Yes, it takes longer time duration, but the natural tooth structure is preserved in this manner. Through a slower, comprehensive makeover process, only teeth which have been damaged (cracked, chipped, worn away, infected or irreversibly stained) need to be restored with crowns, veneers or bonding. Best Orthodontist is a way to create a beautiful smile if you aren’t in a hurry.

If time is not the concern & patient wants the best possible result by keeping their original teeth, in that cases braces act as the “Best cosmetic Dental treatment” over other procedures. Now Orthodontic treatment in Pune can be successful at any age. Thanks to todays smaller, less visible, more comfortable brackets & Faster treatment techniques, adults are finding braces more appealing improving the health of their mouth and the attractiveness of their smiles.

At our “ FDOC Dental clinic” you have an option of knowing both the treatment modality with the advantage & disadvantage of all cosmetic dentistry procedure based on individual cases.


Q1: If my teeth have been crooked for years, Why do I need orthodontic treatment now?

A: There’s no time like the present, and healthy teeth can be moved at any age. Orthodontics Clinic can create or restore good function, and teeth that work better usually look better, too. A healthy, beautiful Smile designing can improve self-esteem, no matter what your age is.

Q2: Do I need to change my oral hygiene routine during orthodontic treatment?

A: Yes, keeping your teeth and braces (or other appliances) clean requires a little more effort on your part. Your Braces specialist will explain how to brush and floss, how often to brush and floss, and give you any special instructions based on the kind of orthodontic treatment you are having. Be sure to follow your orthodontist’s Dental hygiene prescription to get the Best results possible. Check with your orthodontist about Dental products and tools that might be helpful.
In general, patients with braces must be careful to avoid hard, sticky, chewy and crunchy foods. They should also avoid chewing on hard objects like pens, pencils and fingernails. And never chew ice. It’s much too hard on your teeth – even without braces.
Also be sure to see your family Dental and Orthodontic centre for a professional cleaning and check-up at least every six months during your orthodontic treatment, or more often, if recommended.

Q3: Do I Need Cosmetic Dentistry or Orthodontic Treatment?

“Cosmetic dentistry” has come a long way in the last few decades. So far, in fact, that it’s now possible to correct almost any issue in just a few visits.

That, of course, is the major appeal of cosmetic dentistry: how quickly results can be achieved. Done properly, cosmetic changes can not only give you a youthful, beautiful smile but also repair issues on worn, cracked or unhealthy teeth. Orthodontic treatment, on the other hand, provides esthetic advantages as well as health benefits.

Q4: Cosmetic Dentistry in Pune

Cosmetic dentistry is often used to correct problems that require quick attention. For example, if you chipped or broke your tooth during an accident, a cosmetic “Best dentist” can repair the damage or use porcelain crowns to cover it. Cosmetic dentistry can also be the answer if you want to bleach or reshape your teeth so they all match -- especially important after fillings or if you have rough spots on some of your teeth.

Another time when cosmetic dentistry shines is when you’re trying to solve deep staining, such as the one caused by years of smoking or the use of tetracycline antibiotics. Bleaching -- often a combination of laser whitening and at-home tray treatments -- is often recommended to people who have worn braces for a long time and might have uneven coloring when the braces finally come off.

Cosmetic dentistry can do one other thing that “Orthodontics” also does: it can close the gap between teeth -- although not in the same way.

Q5: Cosmetic vs. Orthodontic Treatment

Orthodontic treatment typically makes use of braces to rearrange the position of your teeth. That’s why you usually have to wear braces for one to three years: it takes time for your teeth to move into the right place.

Cosmetic dentistry, on the other hand, is all about making quick improvements. So if you have gaps between your teeth, a cosmetic dentist can use veneers to cover your teeth and help you achieve a perfect smile in just a few visits. The tradeoff is that the solution is just cosmetic, as your original teeth will remain in their original position.

While it might seem convenient, keep in mind that cosmetic dentistry cannot solve every problem and sometimes the slow approach is not only better but also necessary.

Q6: Benefits of Orthodontic Treatment

A makeover through braces has a number of benefits. For starters, it preserves the integrity of your own teeth. In cosmetic dentistry, sometimes it’s necessary to extract teeth – even healthy ones – in order to achieve the proper result.

Cosmetic dentistry is rarely recommended for children and teens because the jaw is still growing and teeth (like wisdom teeth) are still coming out. For them, braces can be a much better choice. For grown-ups, both braces and cosmetic dentistry can be equally Good choices. In fact, more and more adults are turning to Orthodontic treatment to deal with teeth problems.

Q7: What to Choose

Still confused about what option is better for you? Talking to a Good Dentist is always the Best way to figure the right treatment option for your particular case. In the meantime, here are some instances when braces are the right choice:
• If you have trouble sleeping (sleep apnea) or breathing because of the position of your teeth
• If you have jaw pain
• If you have difficulty chewing

These problems could be connected to bad teeth positioning and might require Orthodontic treatment. The more pronounced the problem is, the higher the chances you will need braces rather than cosmetic treatment to truly correct the underlying problem.